Hand Driven Fasteners

Trim Head Trim Head

Screws - Decking & Exterior Wood Construction - Trim Head

Lifetime exterior corrosion resistance. Recommended for use with redwood, cedar and all types of treated woods. Superior performance in coastal markets.


Components of a Screw

screw drives recess


Phillips Drive - + shaped recess designed to cam out before being overdriven.

Square Drive

Square Drive - Fits securely on driver bit, enabling one handed fastening.

Star Drive

Star Drive - Fits securely on the driver bit with 6 points of contact, enabling one handed fastening.

Hex Head

Hex Head - Hex head can be driven with nut driver.

Slotted Hex Head

Slotted Hex Head - Hex head can be driven with nut driver or flat bladed bit.

Combo Drive Head

Combo Drive Head - Accepts both a Phillips and square bit.

screw head styles

Flat head

Flat head - Most standard type of screw head. Larger head size provides greater holding power.

Slotted Hex Washer Head

Bugle Phillips - For fastening gypsum and soft woods. Tapered bugle head seats flush with either drywall or wood application.

Star Drive

Slotted Hex Washer Head - Has a slot in the hex head to accommodate a flat screw driver or hex nut driver.

Pan Phillips

Pan Phillips - For steel to steel. Flat bearing surface is ideal for attaching light-gauge steel to light-gauge steel.

Wafer Phillips

Wafer Phillips - For wood to steel.

Modified Truss Phillips

Modified Truss Phillips - Low profile for steel track, k-lath, and hat section to studs. Provides a larger bearing area for working with softer materials.

Trim Head Square

Trim Head Square - For wood to steel. Countersunk like finishing nails.

Hex Washer Head

Hex Washer Head - For steel to steel.

Hex Washer Head With NEOPRENE WASHER

Hex Washer Head With NEOPRENE WASHER - For exterior steel to steel, such as steel roofing. Neoprene washer "seals" pieces together.

screw thread types

Coarse Thread

Coarse Thread - Provides superior holding power when attaching to wood.

Fine Thread

Fine Thread - Provides superior holding power when attaching to light-gauge steel.

Hi-Lo Thread

Hi-Lo Thread - For attaching drywall to light-gauge steel studs or wood studs. Provide higher strip-out resistance.

Dual Thread

Dual Thread - Designed to pull fibers down, leaving smooth finish.

screw point types

Sharp Point

Sharp Point - Standard screw point for fastening into wood and other medium to soft materials.

Type 17

Type 17 - Long, sharp point with flute, which creates its own pilot point as well as displaces some of wood pitch.

XL Type 17

XL Type 17 - Extra Long, sharp point with flute, which creates its own pilot point as well as displaces some of wood pitch.

Self-Piercing Point

Self-Piercing Point - Needle point designed for use in relatively thin sections. The point literally stabs through the material, making a hole slightly smaller than the minor diameter of the threads. This allows the threads to extrude the metal for increased thread engagement and reduces the tendency to strip-out.

Self-Drilling Point

Self-Drilling Point - Point designed to drill through very thin sections too thick to be pierced. The number of the point determines the drilling capacity of the fastener. The higher the number, the thicker the material can be drilled.

Spade Point

Spade Point - Long, sharp point with flute, which creates its own pilot point as well as displaces some of wood pitch.

Finish Types

  • Phosphate (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - 24-48 Hours) - Phosphate coating creates good holding power and is a great surface for joint compound or paint.
  • Silver Zinc (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - 48-96 Hours) - Shinny silver finish. It offers a low amount of corrosion resistance.
  • Yellow Zinc (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - 96-130 Hours) - Resembles brass plating, but appears more iridescent. It offers a modest amount of corrosion resistance.
  • Blue Fluorocarbon (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - 750 Hours) - Specially formulated coating that offers good corrosion resistance. Passes a 25 Kesternich cycle corrosion test and only available in concrete screws.
  • Lifeguard1000™ (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - 1,000 Hours) - 1,000 hour corrosion resistance. Great for treated lumber.
  • Lifeguard1500™ (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - 1,500 Hours) - Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion. Wood construction decking screw approved for all types of treated lumber.
  • Stainless Steel (Approximate Salt Spray Rating - Lifetime Guarantee) - Lifetime corrosion resistance. Great for treated lumber, redwood and cedar. Also recommended for coastal areas.

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